Windsor at Contee Crossing Office Closing

Dear Residents,

Windsor Property Management Company will be honoring our entire team for our achievements over the past two quarters at an all day awards and rally celebration on Tuesday, October 13, 2015.

Although we will not be available for assistance on that day, your visit is very important to us. We always welcome the opportunity to speak with you in person, so, if you are available; please stop back the following day! If you are not, we strongly encourage you to either place a note in our “drop box” or leave a detailed message through our voice mail service. One of our associates will respond first thing the following morning.

For maintenance emergencies, please call 866-956-8387 to speak to our 24 hour call center. One of our associates will personally respond to your call.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and patience in this matter. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Betina Severn
Sr. Property Manager

Windsor at Contee Crossing

Parking Restrictions – Reminder

Parking restrictions apply the week of 10-12-2015!

Iron Bridge Wine Company: Get Caffeinated or Wine-d Down

Iron Bridge Wine Company offers a beverage for every time of the day, from that first sip of coffee in the morning to that glass of Pinot Noir while you wind down your evening. This wine bar and coffee shop is frequently voted one of the best eateries in the Baltimore area, and it’s even been recognized in national publications as a hotspot for fine wines.

Inside, you’ll find a warm, dark wood bar and wine bottles lining the walls, as well as cozy dining tables for those who want to enjoy a sit-down dinner along with their glass of red or white. The menu features gourmet cheese platters, tapas-style appetizers, and grilled flatbread pizzas to start, as well as quiche, pastas, and salads for lunch or dinner.

Everything on Iron Bridge Wine Company’s menu is made with seasonal, local ingredients in a small-plate style, and the dishes are so artfully plated that they’re almost too pretty to eat!

Iron Bridge Wine Company
10435 State Route 108
Columbia, MD 21044
(410) 997-3456

Windsor at Contee Crossing & Get Flair Fit 30 Day Challenge Winner Announced



Picking Apples? Take a Look at These Handy Comparison Guides to Apples!

If you’re heading out to an apple orchard this weekend, you’ll likely find a wide variety of different types of apples to choose from. Some apples are better for baking, while others have a crisp taste that’s perfect for eating as an on-the-go snack. These handy comparison guides will help you to choose the perfect apples, no matter what you want to use them for.

Comparing Apples to Apples []
This chart offers a number of different uses for the most common types of apples. It lists apples like McIntosh, Pink Lady, and Red Delicious and also includes comments on how tart or sweet they each taste. The chart then provides a ranking for each apple for how well they can be used for things like baking, making apple juice, or just eating raw.

Apple Varieties for Cooking, Baking and Cider [Washington State University]
Washington State University’s website offers a similar chart for apple uses, but it includes non-culinary uses, as well. Whether you want to find the perfect type of apple for your fall pies or the best one to use to ferment for hard cider, this list is a great resource.

A Visual Guide to Apples [Epicurious]
If you’re more of a visual learner, this chart from Epicurious is perfect for you. It provides detailed photographs of each type of apple so that you can easily identify them at the orchard.

Trattoria E Pizzeria Da Enrico: Throw The Dough

There are plenty of places to get solid pizza in Columbia, but if you ask locals the top of the heap is Trattoria E Pizzeria Da Enrico. With three locations in Howard County, this locally-owned micro-chain focuses on high-quality, homestyle Italian dishes made with fresh ingredients. The pies here are New York style, with a thin, durable crust that isn’t too puffy, quickly charred in the oven. Tomato sauce is made fresh and they pile plenty of cheese on their pizzas.

The calzones here also win raves from regulars – they’re stuffed with delicious, creamy ricotta cheese. They also offer a variety of traditional Italian dishes, including a veal Parmigiana that diners rave over. For lunch, the sub sandwiches are a popular choice.

Trattoria E Pizzeria Da Enrico
8630 Guilford Road
Columbia, MD 21046
(410) 381-1255



Let’s Clear the Air: The 4 Best Air-Purifying Houseplants

Have you ever considered adding a few air purifying plants to your apartment's decor? Not only do lush, green plants brighten up a space, they also clean the air and help remove toxins. Here are four of the best houseplants for air purification.

  • Boston fern. This tried-and-true houseplant doesn’t just look great, it also removes more formaldehyde from the air than any other type of plant. With its long, textured leaves and springy shape, ferns are ideal for an empty space on a shelf or even the floor.
  • Palm tree. If you want something a bit bigger, classic palm trees are also very good at removing formaldehyde from the air. They’re very easy to care for, and they add a tropical look to your home.
  • Golden pothos. This is one of the most popular houseplants, and for very good reason. It is almost impossible to kill, which makes it a great starter houseplant, and it’s also effective at purifying the air.
  • Peace lily. The flowering peace lily is one of only a few that will bloom indoors, and it removes benzene and certain VOCs from harsh cleaning products.

Natural Air Cleaners [Rodale’s Organic Life]
Types of Houseplants To Clean Indoor Air [Sustainable Baby Steps]
10 Clean-Air Plants for Your Home [This Old House]

Happy Labor Day!

Wishing everyone a happy and relaxing Labor Day!

Conquer a New Route Today at Earth Treks Climbing Centers

Maryland boasts three Earth Treks Climbing Centers, including one in Columbia, and they're more than just climbing gyms. Earth Treks serve as watering holes for the local community of climbers, which you can join yourself with just a single visit to the gym. Take an introductory class to learn the basics and then embark on a journey up the walls, which are designed to evoke the great outdoors.

The Earth Treks in Columbia encompasses a whopping 20,000 square feet of climbing space, so you can expect to experience a new route every single time. It helps that staff continuously switches up the routes, too, so even the most seasoned climbers will encounter new challenges with each visit. Go bouldering in a separate area dedicated entirely to this freestyle sport, boost your strength and endurance in the typical gym area, or attend a private class to enhance your existing skills.

Earth Treks Climbing Centers
7125 Columbia Gateway Drive
Columbia, MD 21046
(410) 872-0060

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