Transform Your Textiles With These 6 Must-Know Tips for Painting Fabric

Do you have a dingy old couch that’s just begging for a makeover? It may seem impossible to redo your upholstered furniture without stripping it and reupholstering, but these tutorials for painting fabric will make you think differently about your dated sofa.

  1. Decide on a design. First, decide if you want to paint the entire surface of your furniture an entirely different color, or if you want to get really creative and add a funky pattern to the existing shade.
  2. Choose the right fabric. Tightly woven fabrics work better, as the paint has less chance of seeping through the weave.
  3. Wash. If you’re painting removable fabric, try to wash it first. Just make sure to skip the fabric softener to eliminate the amount of chemicals in the fabric.
  4. Choose the right paint. Purchase a fabric paint from your local craft store, and be sure to check the label to see how much you’ll need for the size of your fabric. Spray paints work best for all-over color, while tiny brushes and small paint buckets work well for patterns.
  5. Use multiple coats. Because most fabrics are already very bold, you’ll likely have to paint multiple coats to get the new color to completely cover the old one.
  6. Allow time to dry. Be sure to allow at least a full 12 hours in between each coat, and even longer before you sit on the couch or chair.

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Snag a Specialty Sammy at Bon Fresco

London broil isn't just for special occasions at Bon Fresco. The staff serves it every day in sandwich form, and regular customers gush about it. Paired with vibrant greens, fresh bread, and a signature sauce, the tender London broil makes for a hearty and filling lunch or dinner. It's just one example of the many carefully crafted sandwiches that draw customers to Bon Fresco.

For something lighter, order the hummus sammy with artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, and a healthy serving of hummus on focaccia bread. The grilled veggie sandwich offers another healthy option, a baguette stuffed to nearly bursting with grilled zucchini and eggplant, roasted peppers, and olive tapenade. If you're a fan of poultry, try the chicken breast sandwich or roasted turkey on whole wheat bread. Prosciutto, mortadella, and Genoa salami star in some of the other specialty sandwiches at Bon Fresco, which share menu space with crisp, colorful salads.

Bon Fresco
6945 Oakland Mills Road
Columbia, MD 21045
(410) 290-3434

YOGA @ Windsor at Contee Crossing


Get Flair Fit 30 day Challenge at The Windsor at Contee Crossing

It's all about a healthy mind and body! Stay tuned for details about our upcoming fitness challenge.

Where to Shop for Temporary Wallpaper and Wall Decals Online

When living in a rental, temporary wallpapers and removable wall decals add a fun pop of color or pattern to your space, but they can be easily taken down at the end of your lease. Here are just a few online retailers that sell different types of temporary wallpapers and decals.

Swag Paper
With a name like Swag Paper, it’s no surprise that this site sells wallpaper that’s cool, chic, and statement-worthy. Geometric diamonds, Art Deco designs, and minimalist poppy flowers are just a few of the wallpaper styles, and you can purchase strips in different heights to get exactly the amount that you need.

If your style is a bit more colorful, 2Modern offers retro-inspired wallpapers and options with big, bold stripes. You’ll even find children’s wallpaper covered in zoo animals, robots, or silly cityscapes that the little ones will love.

Blik offers temporary wallpapers in traditional strips to cover the whole wall, but it also carries more unique designs like stick-on headboards and individual decals. Add a large tree in your living room, a sea of fish in your kitchen, and even some music notes in a child’s room.

Robinson Nature Center: Protecting and Showcasing Mother Earth

Robinson Nature Center doesn't just invite Columbia residents to explore nature; it pays homage to Mother Earth in every part of its daily processes. Solar panels generate juice for the facility (15% of its total electricity, in fact). Geothermal air conditioning and heating saves on traditional energy. Water-conserving features protect the globe's limited water resources. The nature center boasts an LEED Certification—one of only three buildings in the state that does.

But these are the things unfolding behind the scenes. Locals come here to check out the hands-on exhibits. Head to the NatureSphere, a domed planetarium that shows various films regarding natural phenomena. Spend some time in the Children's Discovery Room if you have little ones along. You can also meander the nature trail, which winds throughout 18 acres of land (connected to another 1,000 known as the Middle Patuxent Environmental Area).

Robinson Nature Center
6692 Cedar Lane
Columbia, MD 21044
(410) 313-0400

Happy Independence Day!

We hope everyone enjoys a fun and relaxing time with family and friends as we celebrate America's freedom.

Have a Safe 4th of July Weekend!

Happy 4th of July!

New Parking – Effective 7/13/15

Please contact the leasing office if you have any questions about the new parking guidelines, (301) 776-6767.

How to Decorate Your Rental Home With Mirrors

Mirrors work wonders in a rental space. They create a space to check your appearance before your dash out the door in the morning, they add light and size to any sized space, and they even act as a decor element. Here are just a few great places to add mirrors in your rental.

  • Above the nightstand. Add matching mirrors above your nightstands to create the illusion of extra depth in the bedroom.
  • Behind the dresser. If your dresser doesn’t come with an attached mirror, create a sort of vanity space of your own by hanging a decorative mirror behind it.
  • In a stairwell. If you have a set of stairs in your apartment, create a gallery wall of mismatched mirrors up the length of the staircase.
  • Across from a window. Maximize the light in a room by placing a large mirror directly across from a window.
  • On the kitchen cabinets. Cut mirror panes to fit right within the borders of your kitchen cabinets, then attach them with removable adhesive.
  • In a closet. Hang a full-length mirror on the back of a regular closet door to make it feel like a luxurious dressing room.

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