Bon Fresco Sandwich Bakery: A Popular Sandwich Shop

Stop being disappointed with your brown bag lunch and head over to Bon Fresco Sandwich Bakery. This Columbia sandwich shop is serving some of the best sandwiches in town. All the sandwiches come on fresh baked bread. You can see the bakers working hard making the bread when you go to the counter to order your sandwich.

The London Broil, piled high with beef, lettuce, red onion, mayo, and mustard, is one of the most popular sandwiches but regulars say you can't go wrong with any of the fresh creations. If you're feeling especially hungry get a side of the couscous or potato salad. Homemade soups, fresh baked breads, and pastries are also available.

Bon Fresco Sandwich Bakery does get busy during lunch, so arrive early to avoid a crowd.

Bon Fresco Sandwich Bakery
6945 Oakland Mills Road
Columbia, MD 21045
(410) 290-3434

Celebrate Earth Day!

What is Earth Day?
This is an annual event celebrated every year on April 22nd. It was first celebrated in 1970, where supporters from all over the world came together to demonstrate their appreciation and support of environmental protection. Over 192 countries recognize this annual event globally by EARTH DAY NETWORK.

EARTH DAY NETWORK has a year-round mission of spreading the movement worldwide!

*Information obtained from and Wikipedia!

Why Zumba?

Check out GLAY!

Opening Season for Six Flags

Do you enjoy visiting amusement parks? Check out Six Flags now through April 12th! This weekend is their opening weekend and spring break. Check out savings on the tickets!

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Dumbarton House: See the Beauty of Old Georgetown

Georgetown is a community of beautiful homes, but none as stately as Dumbarton House. Built in the Federal style in 1799, Dumbarton House is so beloved for its architecture and history that when it was discovered that it would have to be destroyed to make room for a new bridge in 1915, the home was instead moved intact to its present location! The home was again rescued by the National Association of Colonial Dames, and had it restored to its current beauty. Come into Dumbarton House and go back in time to the early 1800s, when Washington was a new city and seat of a new nation. Furnishings of the period give the home that special touch, and the tours by volunteers will make this visit complete. And the price is reasonable – just $5 for adults, with discounts for AAA members and free admission for students and other members.

Dumbarton House
2715 Q Street NW
Washington, DC 20007
(202) 337-2288

Happy Spring!

Everything is starting to bud and bloom! What are you doing to enjoy this lovely change in weather?

Easter Sunday

Easter Hours:

April Fool’s Day

Share in the fun!

Wicked – Hippodrome Theater – Baltimore, MD

Interested in seeing Wicked on stage? This musical is about the untold story of the witches of Oz. Well before Dorothy's visit to the land of Oz, these two young girls meet. One is born with green skin with a fiery personality and is just misunderstood. The other quite the opposite; popular, ambitious and beautiful. The story walks you through their journey and how they become the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good.

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Resident Activities – Idea Swap

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