Riddle of the Week!



In a one-story house, there was a pink-person, a pink cat, a pink fish, a pink computer, a pink chair, a pink table, a pink telephone, a pink shower, everything was pink. What was the color of the stairs? The answer to your weekly riddle will be posted on Monday, along with a new weekly […]

Minibar: One of Washington’s Most Unique Dining Experiences



Despite its casual-sounding name, D.C.'s Minibar is anything but a place to grab a burger and a beer. It’s actually the most exclusive eatery in Washington, where patrons scramble for months to get reservations for a seating at the restaurant’s six-foot bar. If you get a coveted spot, prepare to be served 25 or so […]

Home Decorating Tips Everyone Should Know



You don’t have to be an interior design pro to create a magazine-worthy home; all it takes are some smart tips and some creative thinking. Here are just a few of the most important home decorating tips that every renter should know. Focus on creating balance. No matter how large or how small a space, […]

Ford’s Theatre: Historic D.C. Theater



It’s not every day that you can watch a quality theatrical production inside of a national landmark. But Ford’s Theatre is just that – a place of entertainment and history. After being closed for a century after President Lincoln’s assassination, Ford’s re-opened and continues to thrive as a theater and historical center. The stage offers […]

Newly Betrothed? Here’s Where to Create a Wedding Registry Online!



Whether you’re hoping to receive luxurious pieces that will fill your home with elegance or simple, functional items that you need to start your life together, there are an impressive number of websites that make creating a wedding gift registry easy. Here are three great sites to use for your wedding registry. Amazon Registering with […]

Soups and Sandwiches Are On the Menu at Bon Fresco



When it’s almost lunchtime and you’re searching for somewhere good to eat, Bon Fresco offers both flavorful fare and one of the most convenient locations in the Columbia area. This casual cafe has a distinctly European charm combined with American dishes like homemade potato salad and pork loin sandwiches, creating a unique dining experience that’s […]

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